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You can receive a complaint from AI in 1 minute.
Who We Are
Why Legal Justia? Even if you speak colloquially, like complaining to a friend, AI can understand your grievance and create an official legal document, such as a complaint. Our company's experts and artificial intelligence maintain professional excellence, systematize complex situations and generate sentences. 
Value and Mission 
Goddess of Justice Justia. so that no one suffers an unfair thing. Justia supports you to help those whose rights have been violated stand up for their rights. Don't forget that Justia is by your side..
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Was it expensive and difficult?
Do not worry.

If you answer the question, a legal document will be created after 1 minute. 
A new world created by artificial intelligence that understands human colloquial words. Complaint, payment order, appeal. 
​For legal documents, to Justia. 

So-Hyun, Shin

Worked as a consultant in the Korean branch of a Swiss and American consulting firm

Having multinational conglomerate clients

The Representative. Skillful strategic consultant with global consulting experience. 

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